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More Payments has a very simple Merchant Service Fee structure. Our fee structure considers your individual situation and your current or expected annual card turnover. Upon joining More Payments there are no set-up fees, no lock-in contracts, and there are no cancellation fees. Our Sales team will walk you through all the details and the various pricing structures that suit your business and industry best.
Joining More Payments is easy with a simple signup process. You can usually have your EFTPOS machine within seven to ten business days after your application has been completed. To speak with one of our Sales Executives please give us a call on 1800 338 767 Mon-Fri - 9.00am - 5.00pm (AEST) and we will walk you through a simple application process. Once your application is completed, it can be as quick as two to three business days for approval (if we have received all the required information) and a further five to seven business days for your EFTPOS machine to be configured and delivered. Upon delivery it is a quick and simple setup.
We accept all major debit and credit card types, including Visa, Mastercard, eftpos, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, and UnionPay. Another payment method we accept is Alipay. Additionally, our EFTPOS machines accept digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay as long as an accepted card type is loaded onto the wallet. For American Express and JCB, if eligible, you can choose More Payments to settle these schemes. Otherwise, simply provide us with your existing American Express merchant number and your settlements will deposit into the bank accounts you have registered with them. For Diners Club, simply provide us with your existing merchant number and we will continue to settle into the bank account you have registered with them.
No, the EFTPOS terminals will deposit your funds into any Australian business bank. As a Tyro merchant you will be eligible for a fee free bank account that has 7-day, same day settlement with $0 fees.
If you cancel your contract with your current EFTPOS provider within the term of the contract, they may charge you a break fee. Talk to our Sales team about ways we can help you offset your break fees.
Tyro will submit your daily terminal settlement to your home bank every banking day. On Weekends and public holidays, your settlement will be sent to your home bank the next working day. This will mean your funds will typically be in your account within 24 to 48 hours.
At More Payments, we have no lock-in contract, no set-up fees, no cancellation fees and no break or exit fees. All you pay is your merchant services fees and EFTPOS machine rental. This means you can test More Payments solution and make sure it works for your business.
Tap & Save is commonly known as “least cost routing”. This allows Tyro to redirect eligible debit card transactions through the network with the lowest cost. This function can provide your business with lower merchant costs.
Yes, the EFTPOS machine has a dynamic surcharging capability allowing you to add a surcharge to the transaction if you wish. This can offset the cost of your merchant service fees. You can choose the amount that you wish to surcharge by card category and choose the surcharge amount as a percentage or a fixed amount per transaction.
Yes, the EFTPOS machines have a “bill split” function through the Pay@Table feature, which is very useful in the hospitality environment.
No, EFTPOS machines are rented from EFTPOS providers and remain the property of the EFTPOS provider or bank.
Yes, the EFTPOS machines have advanced tipping options along with many other functions that aide the hospitality industry.
Simply give us a call on 1800 338 767 or submit your details through the “Contact” page on this website and we’ll promptly call you back.
Simply click the “Get Quote Now” button on the Home Page of this website and fill out the short form and we’ll get back to you promptly with a quote that we can also email out to you too.
Once your application is completed, it can be as quick as two to three business days for approval (if we have received all the required information) and a further five to seven business days for your EFTPOS machine to be configured and delivered.
The Tyro Merchant support is available by calling the Merchant Helpdesk on 1300 966 639 (24 hrs, 7 days a week)
No, we do not charge any joining or establishment fees.
Primarily you will need clear representations of your identification documents (for example two of the following: copy of driver’s licence; passport, or medicare card) for each signatory. Depending on the entity type of the business, we may require additional documentation to identify other beneficial owners, Trustee(s) or authorised signatories. If an Australian Company, we will need to understand who the beneficial owners are, which may involve a copy of your Share Registry/Registry of Member. If a Trust, we will need signed copies of the Trust Deed(s) to establish the Trustee(s), beneficial owners and/or appointor(s) of trust as applicable. If a Partnership, we may need a signed copy of the full Partnership Agreement to determine the partners. If additional identifications are required, we will need clear representations of their identities as well.
Integrated EFTPOS allows your POS/PMS system to communicate directly with your EFTPOS machine via broadband or WiFi. There is no need for complex third-party software to enable integration with Tyro; all you need is a POS/PMS system and a Tyro EFTPOS machine. We work closely with all major POS/PMS software vendors to provide a seamlessly integrated payment, reporting and reconciliation solution.
Tyro’s integration has many benefits including: Simple installation which results in faster setup times and fewer support calls Fast card payment processing times at sub 1.6 seconds per transaction Elimination of double-entry data errors Streamlined reconciliation at the end of the day Secure encrypted transactions Immediate reporting on your personalised Tyro portal.
Integrated EFTPOS is now becoming the default option for businesses. This is because it allows you to serve customers faster and streamlines reconciliation.
Tyro’s direct integration model cuts out the complexities, costs and risks related to using an EFTPOS middleware provider. We own all parts of the process, so you can rest assured that you are receiving premium local support whenever you need it.
The countertop terminal can connect either through your Wi-Fi, Cloud or through your broadband internet connection. The cost is the same regardless of the connection type.
The mobile terminals can either connect via the Telstra mobile network or connect to your business Wi-Fi network. There is no additional cost to utilise these connectivity options as the communications cost is included in the package.
All the advertised pricing is excluding GST.
No, in fact unlike other providers Tyro doesn’t lock customers into any contracts.
Tyro machines are plug and play. If you have used eftpos before it is a simple as turning the machine on and basic functionality remains the same. All machines have an instructional manual along with tyro’s 24/7 customer support.
Yes, the mobile EFTPOS terminals connect via a Telstra 3G sim card or Wi-Fi network connection so operate independently of traditional PSTN phone line connections. As such, your mobile terminal will not be disrupted in any way when you move over to the NBN. (This is one of the reasons most of our clients choose to get a mobile EFTPOS terminal).